What Is Affiliate Marketing

Ever wondered what online affiliate marketing is about ?

To put the concept into the simplest possible terms – it is promoting someone else’s products or services and getting paid commission each time they make a sale to a person you have directed to their website. You promote other people’s product on your website without actually having to sell it yourself. Then you send them off to the seller’s website using an affiliate link or a banner and each time they buy something, you earn money. Good stuff, right?


What does it look like in detail? There are 6 main steps:

1)You pick an idea or a subject that you know about – you don’t actually have to be a professional or an expert, but you have to have something interesting to say about it or have general knowledge about it – it can be your hobby or your area of expertise. It’s called choosing your niche.

2) Then you create a website and you start posting pages, articles and reviews. You can either write the content yourself or you can commission someone else to write it for you at a very low cost (see my Hire Writers Review) In addition to your website, or even instead of it, you can use social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest to promote your chosen products.

3) Once the website starts getting ranked by search engines, you get traffic (people who visit your website and read your content) Once people start valuing your opinions, reviews or articles, you have your base for promoting the product and start making actual profits.


4) You pick a product (or many products) that you want to promote – something you either use yourself or know a lot about. You write about the product and promote it within your website. It can literally be any product or service you can think of. And the great thing about it that you don’t have to stick to the same stuff, you can change the products you promote as often as you like, because you don’t actually have to INVEST in the product or buy it and then resell it like it is the case for traditional busineses..

5) You sign up to be a member of an affiliate program of the seller that offers the product or service you want to promote and once they have approved you (which is just a formality in most cases as they want as many affiliates as possible), you get your original referenced affiliate links – you insert them on your website and you are set to start making sales. You can be a part of as many affiliate programs as you like.

6) When a person clicks on the affiliate link that you have placed on your website, they get redirected to the seler but carrying your unique id reference in the process and if they buy something, you get the commission from the seller (each affiliate programs is different, but you will be notified how much is the commission each time)

Sounds interesting? You want to give it a try? Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and find out how to begin. Let yourself be taught step by step how to start working in affiliate marketing today.


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