Wealthy Affiliate Tips and Mistakes

Since I have created a similar posts for my other two recommended money making websites, I thought it’s time for a Wealthy Affiliate one as well (to get to the actual Wealthy Affiliate Review page click HERE)

piggy bankSo without beating around the bushes here are my tips for new users


1)  Be patient

That is the most important piece of advice anyone can give you. It is a slow and timeconsuming proces to build up your website to a point where you start making enough money to live off it. But if you are patient and hard working it will happen. The worst thing you can do is to give yourself too little time to try this. I’d say an absolute minimum to start seeing ANY profit is 2 months and to start making REAL profit at least 6 months. If you cannot wait that long, you might as well not start at all. But then again, what have you got to lose?


2) Stick to one website at first

You can have two free websites (and 25 if you decide to go Premium) but it is valid that in first few weeks you stick to one course of action and one website, because it is a lot to grasp at first and even thought eventually it feels like a piece of cake, at first you need all your focus in one place without any distractions. This is something I wish someone told me in time as I consider my creating 2 websites at once a major setback in my first month. But well, no harm done.


3) Stick to the training

You can be a bit overwhelmed with the amount of training materials, classrooms, post etc that you get hit with when you register. It seems like there’s so much you don’t know where to start. Luckily it tells you exactly where to start. There are two different main courses. Each one of tchem will guide you by the hand assuming you have absolutely no idea or experience, so don’t worry. Just choose one of the two courses and go throught the lessons in right order and everything will make perfect sense even if you have never ever dealt with anything like this before.


4) Get your own domain

This advice only concerns you if you decide to go Premium. Basically, after few weeks you know if you love the idea of Wealthy Affiliate or not. Same with thewebsite you’ve built with their training – you know exactly if you’re feeling it or not. If you are then getting your own domain is definitely the way to go. Firstly – it only costs around 14 dollars a year. Secondly, affiliate programs treat you more seriously when you have your own domain, And thirdly – goole will rank you better and quicker than when you’re using a subdomain and google rankings are going to be an important part of your business.


5) Always put your main focus on the content

Your website is your business card, your advertisement and your trademark. That means that you need to publish interesting articles and/or reviews and make people interested in your website. You also have to publish quite regularly for the search engines to rank you well. You will learn all about how to get ranked better by keywords, which is also very important, but you always have to remember that your content is everything. If you struggle with writing all of it yourself, you can always use a very good and cheap service called HireWriters –  read a full Review HERE


6) Try Jaaxy

Finally you should definitely put a lot of your focus on keywords. Keywords are yet another thing that matters in gogle rankings and searches and it is essential to be able to find and identify the best keywords to put in your website. There is areally good keyword search platform called Jaaxy. You can try it for FREE even now without registering to Wealthy Affiliate. Just type in your searched phrase that you think might be a good keyword (something that people might search for online)  into the below search tool and then register your email details and you’ll be able to get a glimpse on how Jaaxy works



Any comments or questions welcome as usual!

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