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Noone likes to risk their money.

I know I certainly don’t! That’s why it’s good to try new stuff, but not necessarily invest in it, until you’re sure that it is safe and it’s going to pay you back with profit. As mentioned before, on this website I have decided to focus on all the positive products and not scams, because I don’t like to waste time bitching about something bad. I’d rather recommend something good.

I never stay on any websites that demand my debit card details on the get-go without even making sure I understand what they are all about exactly. In fact, I never invest any money into anything, until I’ve personally checked and made sure that the website pays out and is legit. Noone’s word is completely enough so I realise that you won’t just take my word on it either. That’s why I suggest you read my reviews posted on the top menu of this website and then register for free simply to look around.

Only go as far as you feel comfortable with.

By the time you’d even consider buying any upgrades, I guarantee you will know if this sort of thing is for you or not. That way you make sure no risk is actually involved. At least not financially. The biggest risk you take is that you’ll loose an hour or two of your time. And think what is there to gain – a big chance that you’re at the beginning of a journey that can possibly lead to you quitting you boring enslaving job and doing something fun and quite easy for good money.  Why not try? You can always quit without spending a penny.

The biggest mistake in life is never trying something and always wondering what could be if…

All the ways to earn money that I have reviewed and recommended on my main pages on the top menu, are basically risk-free. What do I mean by risk-free if you want them to be? Only that you can invest money in them if you want to and if you want to earn big money eventually somewhere along the line you should do.  But just to see what they are, how they work and get convinced that they’re the real deal, you do not need to pay anything. And as a matter of fact, you can use them all for free, only investing what you have earned on them as a free member- it wil still pay, it will just be significantly slower.Some people don’t like to risk or invest and there is absolutely nothing in taking it slowly and only play with earned balance.


Basically, on Wealthy Affiliate, you can stay a free member forever and still be earning money in your own pace, never investing a dolar if that’s what you prefer.

On Neobux, you can keep reinvesting the money that you have earned there in the first place and again, never needing anything more, just being patient and waiting for the first profit you don;t actually need to reinvest and can withdraw.

Profit Accumulator is slightly different – you do need to invest a tiny bit at first, but you see the result within a day or even an hour so you can be sure that it works and it’s not the website itself that owes you your winnings anyway – it’s the bookies and we know them to be legit and registered so there’s no way you can’t withdraw immediately.  And after you see their initial training video (again all for free) you will understand how beautiful it is in it’s simplicity and how you’re not risking anything really.


Is there literally no risk then?

I didn’t say that. There’s a risk that you register on one of these websites (or on all of them) and you try them out and then you decide you love them and you want to continue on a larger scale and you start actually upgrading and going further and then … you get bored. It happens. Some people don’t have patience and then don’t follow things through and stop logging in and doing even that minimum work that is required to earn money online. Well.. if that happens, then obviously you’re risking that you have upgraded for nothing, but

a) you do not have to upgrade at all and

b) it depends on you solely whether you are persistent and motivated or not. It’s like that with everything in this world isn’t it?


Do what I did and you can’t lose

What I recommend you do for any of these websites (and what I actually did myself) is simply register for FREE on one of them and look around. Don’t pay anything, don’t invest anything, just look around, start using them and reading other users’s posts and soon enough you will know if you want to be a part of it or not. The most important thing to remember is that trying IS risk-free and we need to take advantage of it.  If someone has a product (in this case a website or a money making program) that they know to be good and legit, they WILL let you try it for free as they have nothing to fear. Only scams want you to risk it straight away. And if you’re not risking anything to try and change your life – you owe it to yourself to give it a go!


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