What Are The Advantages Of Self Employment

Are you thinking of starting your own business online?

Are you tired of working for someone else and want to be your own boss and you’re wondering what are the pros and cons of working for yourself versus working for someone else?

Well, I’ve done both and here’s my list of PROS of being self employed.

1) You Make Your Own Working Hours.

When you are self employed, you decide when you get up and what time you start working. You also take breaks when you need tchem or want them. You can start later or earlier one day and you don’t have to discuss the reasons for it in great detail with your superior, because you simply don’t have one. Also, you get to take advantage of your brain’s natural morning activity and rush.

When you work for someone else’s business, you usually have to get up at a ridiculous time in the morning. Sometimes it feels like a middle of the night. Sometimes it even IS a middle of the night – some of us work night shifts! And at that ridiculous time you have to rush to work with this nagging constant fear of being late and being told off like a little child late for school. Some of us are not morning people and would work ten Times more efficiently when given the chance to decide – but we don’t have that chance


2) You Decide When You Take a Holiday and How Many Holidays You Take

When you work for yourself, you can take a breat whenever you feel it’s right or whenever you feel you need one. You can take holidays when the business is slow or you can take them simply because you found a great last minute offer. The point is – you don’t need to ask.

When you work for someone else, not only do you need permission to take holidays – you might even not get it! They’ll say it’s the most busy period or someone else is already taking a holiday of your dreams somewhere. The point is – you’re not going! Nevermind that your kids are off school and your partner has been approved for holiday. Your boss only cares about the business priorities, not yours. And if they clash, you know who’s gonna win.


3) You Decide How Much You Earn.

When you’re self employed, you decide which jobs to take on or how much work to put into a certain project. You can work as much (or as little) as you please. The more work and effort you put into your business, thebigger your earnings will be.It can be quite motivating.

When you work for someone else, you have no power to decide on your own salary – it is already decided and set in stone. You can work your ass off and it still either doesn’t matter at all or matters very little when it comes to your profits. You rarely get paid as much as you deserver and that leads to frustration. They tend to ignore it when you’re working extra hard on something and yet they notice right away when you happen to slow down or make a mistake.


4) You Choose Your Place of Business.

When you’re your own boss, your office can be your own house. You can work on your laptop in a car or you can go to the beach on a sunny day and do some work there. Or you can just work from your bedroom and never leave the house when the weather is gloomy.

When you work for someone else you run around in a traumatic rush just to get somewher you don’t even wanna be. You don’t have any say in where you work or even what the work conditions are like. You can be too warm or too cold, you can feel really uncomfortable at your desk, have not enough light or you might prefer to listen to some music when working – noone cares what you like. You have to do as you’re told and where you’re told to do it.


5) You Get To Choose and Like What You Do For a Living.

When you start your own business, you decide what it is and it usually is something that you chose because you are interested in it or you feel you’d be good at. Because of this you can enjoy your job and stop having this nagging feeling you’re wasting your life away doing something boring and meaningless that makes you miserable. And the best part is that the fruit of your work is yours fully to profit from.

When your work for someone else, you are quite lucky if you don’t simply hate what you do. And even if you don’t – you still do it for someone else and in a way that someone else wants you to do it. In the end, you spend the majority of your awake time in there. And the best years of your life eventually. So you should ask yourself if this is actually the way you want to spend all this time. To put all your creativity and effort to make someone else rich, while your cut is only enough to pay the bills etc.


6) You Spend More Time With Family And Friends Rather Than Wasting It With Co-workers.

When you work for yourself, you can work around your family commitments and as a result, u get to spend so much more time with your loved ones. No more missing kids’ activities at school or friends’ get togethers, just because you can’t leave work. You can always finish some other time or even later in the evening. In fact, you can work all day while being with your family in the same time.

When working for someone else you actually end up spending more time with your co-workers than you do with the people you want to spend it with like family and friends. And the sad part is that many of us don’t even like our co-workers. Again – noone cares what you like in your work place.


7) Noone Can Ever Fire You!

When you are your own boss you are not going to fire yourself no matter what you have done or not done:) There’s never a thought in your mind that someone’s not happy with what you’ve accomplished or that there’s someone else after your position As long as you earn profit, your livelyhood is secure FOREVER!


Being your own boss sounds really great doesn’t it? I believe that self-employment is the general future the world is going towards. Everyone should be able to value and price their own services and provide them in the best way they can and perform them in the friendly environment they feel comfortable in. Sometimes we start working for someone else out of pure desperation and while it does pay our bills (most of the times) we feel deep down we’re capable of so much more. And life’s too short to feel like that!


I’ve just spend a lot of time writing down the reasons why you should start working for yourself and I believe in each one of them, but I also want to be objective so I also posted my honest list of CONS of being self employed HERE as well.

Feel free to comment or ask questions

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4 Replies to “What Are The Advantages Of Self Employment”

  1. There are so many advantages of self-employment, if there wasn’t we wouldn’t have more and more people choosing to be self employed. I am a single mother myself and the main thing that drew me to self employment is the fact that I can work around my son and make sure I work when he is in school and spend time with him whenever I want to. The other thing was the fact that I hate being told what to do and having a boss drove me crazy.

    1. Hi…I’m glad it worked out for you Melanie. At the end of the day we dont look back thinking ..gee I wish I’d spent more time making my boss happy with me. But we do think –gee I wish I’d spent more time with my kids or other family. Since you’re already doing it it just proves the point I’m trying to make – life’s too short not to be free:)



  2. Anna,
    I couldn’t agree more with you about the stress of working 9-5 in a little office space in order to make someone’s money ( Of course you must get paid to do so)
    I really prefer the freedom of working on my own, even though it’s really stressful sometimes but I think hard work will pay off in the long run.
    What is your current working hour ? I’m trying to find me a good, consistent daily schedule for my own business

    1. Hi Marvin.

      Yes – working for yourself CAN be very stresful and also has a downside to it, which I’ve tried to cover in my other article about the disadvantages of self employment, but the advantages still seem so much more appealing to me. I am somewhere inbetween – I do a little bit of both working for someone else part time and working for myself, but slowly (yet effectively) moving towards the self employment. I give my own business aproximately half of the time I have – altogether I spend about 20 to 30 hours a week doing stuff my own business related, it depends on me really how much each day, that’s the beauty of it isn;t it 🙂

      You talk about finding your schedule – that’s the thing.. each of us will have a different one because we are all different individuals, which is something our bosses don’t always seem to respect.

      I hope you find the system that works for you the best way!



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