No. 2 – Profit Accumulator Review 2017

Please note – This is for UK residents only

earn money online in uk

What is Profit Accumulator ?

If you are curious how to make money online fast – Profit Accumulator is the best answer. It’s basically a proven mathematical system that uses so called matched betting to make you a guaranteed profit from sports betting.

Before you panic and close this tab, just hear me out – I am not a gambler, and neither are most of those other people who have been earning hundreds or even thousands of pounds a month! Matched betting is not really gambling at all – it is a mathematical calculation, a system that allows you to take advantage of free bet offers from bookies. Just think about it – how awesome would it be to know for sure that every bet you place is a winning one?

And again, this way of making money online is also for simple normal people like you or me – who have no idea about it at first and yet they get into it with simple help and tools.

And what you earn here has an extra bonus to it – it is tax free!

Oh and did I mention that using this website takes less than an hour a day? And after awhile you get so used to it it is more like 15 minutes a day🙂

It is all simply and beautifully explained there, all with videos and examples, so I don’t really need to get into details, but I can promise you, that it is hundred percent legit andthat if you follow their instructions properly, you will earn yourself a good 1-2 thousand pounds in your first two months like I did. It is definitely a risk-free system that will pay for you holiday or a new car.

You get tutorial and software to do it and even if you’re like me and never put sports bet in your life before, you WILL understand all and you WILL earn money.

Is Profit Accumulator a scam ?

No. It is risk-free and legit website. I have personally made loads of money on it in quite a short time. And the best thing about it is – that you can see for yourself straight away that it works, before you invest anything. They give you two fantastic offers for free. After you’ve done them, you will have earned around 40-45 quid and then you will want to join their platinum program it’s only 23 quid a month, which means that with the initial two free offers you will have earned enough to pay for two first months. And after two first months you should have loads of profit so basically you can say that to try it is completely FREE)

So, to sum it up – you can either do the first two offers without any commitment and quit having earned 45 quid of pure profit. Or you can reinvest half of that profit into a month of Platinum membership and earn yourself dozens of times more money as they have absolute loads of offers like them two first initial offers. In my opinion Profit Accumulator is the best way to make money online in UK .

Show Me The Money !

Profit Accumulator can actually bring you some quick cash if you’re willing to do the offers quickly and have some savings to invest. Obviously you have to invest in order to make a bet, but as soon as you are done with the offer you see an instant profit. So if you want to see let’s say a 1000 quid on your first month, you would have to have few grand to invest (and then onviously you will have it all back plus the said 1000 quid for instance) But if you’re not comfortable doing them all at once, or you don’t have that much cash to invest at first and want to slowly see for yourself that everything’s legit and good, you can do that as well and after few offers just keep using the winnings. It will take you longer, but it will still be absolutely worth it!

Important tips

1) Watch the video tutorials even few times if you are not sure of something. Profit Accumulator is great and legit and works beautifully but only if you follow the instructions and use it properly, so keep watching the tutorials until you’re sure – mind you they are pretty easy to understand, if I got them, you will too:)

2) make notes of everything you do so you don’t get confused. You will be doing quite a few offers in same week or month and you will be at a different stage in each of them depending on progress so you wanna have a clear idea what you’ve done on each bookie. You might also wanna keep a note of each deposit and withdrawal as this will give you a clear idea on your profit and add more motivation to keep doing the offers:)

3) After the first month you might decide to go yearly rather than monthly – it’s much cheaper that way. You can of course stay on your continuing monthly subscription of 23 quid a month or you can cancel it in your PayPal account at any time without a problem.

Join HERE or by clicking any of the banners on this page and keep to instructions and you will not regret it, I personally promise you that!


Again, this is a really positive review of a product I have personally checked and profited from big time, but it does have one con. Once you get the hang of it, you wanna do all the offers quickly all at once, but there is something that is going to hold you back. Money. To place a bet, even a 100 percent winning one, you have to have some money to do it first. Yes, of course you will see this money plus profit back on your account in few days or a week depending on when your bet settles and how long the withdrawals takes) but you do have to remember that over a certain period of time you have some of your money blocked for use – how much depending on how many offers you’re doing at once.  To me, that is a minor detail comparing to the pros of this website, but I feel it is fair to let you know.

Any questions – feel free to email me here or drop me a comment. Click HERE is you want to read some more detailed advice on what to do and what not to do when you register on Profit Accumulator and if you’d like to read about my personal number one way to earn money online, wherever you are based in the world, Wealthy Affiliate, click HERE

Hope you’ll love it like I do.

10 Replies to “No. 2 – Profit Accumulator Review 2017”

  1. Hi Anna,
    Thank you for the review on profit accumulator.
    As you have mentioned in your article that we need to invest in order to make a bet. Does it something seems like gambling? Also, how it cost me anything for the training video and tutorial? If I join for free initially and manage to win some money. Can I be able to withdraw without signing to their premium member? What is the minimum payment threshold anyway?

    1. Hi .. to answer your questions in order:

      1) It is not gambling in any way – the inititial two offers are free and the training on them (also free) will show you exactly what to do in order to make sure that it is not gambling and you do win.. When done correctly the first two free offers will have made you a clean profit of around 30-40 quid , At that time you can withdraw and leave or you can reinvest into premium membership (23 quid) and get loads more of them offers which will make you few hundred to few thousand quid profit

      2) yes, you can just do two free offers without any commitments and withdraw your winnings without singing to premium membership. The video training/tutorial on two free offers is also free. It is to show you that the system works and it is no gambling really.

      3) There’s no minimum payment treshhold – you actually withdraw from bookies not profit accumulator so there’s no tricks here.. Bookies have to give you your winnings ! Profit Accumulator just gives you the software and advice on how to do it without actually loosing

      Hope it helps..anymore questions – please let me know

  2. The Prophet accumulator sounds great. Too bad it’s not available in Canada otherwise I would definitely be signing up for it. The gambling aspect of it as you say sounds very minimal.

    I will share this article with my British friends as I know many are looking for ways to make money. This sounds like an easy way to bring in a little income.

    Thanks for the great article.

    1. Definitely.. especially first few months are quite profitable – then it slows down a little, but it’s still bringing much more income than the monthly fee of 23 quid. And there really isn’t any actual gambling – it is pure mathematics.

      Thanks for the comment 🙂


  3. Never heard of profit accumulator but from what your review stated it does sound like it can be a good source of income. I did see that you mentioned that you’ve tried this yourself too, its too bad profit accumulator is only for the UK, do you know why that is? and if they do plan on bringing it to the US?

    Either way, my cousin lives in Manchester I will definitely be sending him this post to check it out.

    1. What it means is that this particular product is UK only because it is concentrated on UK reality and bookies etc. But you should have a look around – you might have something similar just under different name – just check matched Betting options in your country



  4. This is interesting and I agree completely that match betting, as long as done correctly, will 100% make you money. I did it a few years back and made £2,000 before I exhausted all the offers. Just a quick question though – what is the benefit of signing up to Profit Accumulator rather than doing it yourself?

    1. Hi Steve,

      That is actually a very good question that I have actually asked and tried to reply myself .

      I’ve done it with and without them and it really isn’t worth to struggle to do it yourself to save 23 pounds a month (even less if you pay yearly) because you miss out on so many offers you didn’t know existed.

      Other than sig-up offers that obviously are one offs (but there’s loads of them and there are often new bookies coming up with new offers) there are also weekly reload offers and one-off reloads and this is where being a member comes in handy as well – they email you whenever there’s a new offers.

      I’ve tried to do it without them and it ended up with next to nothing. I believe I’ve made about 15-20 pounds a month on average by myself. Everytime I sign up with them I make a few hundred a month so for me it is a no brainer:)

      Not to mention that if someone’s only just starting – the video tutorials and the software they provide is absolutely priceless.

  5. Hi,

    I was intrigued by this article – I have not heard of Profit Accumulator before. It seems like a great system.

    Do you physically choose what to bet on or does the system do it all for you by applying the formula? What is the smallest amount you can invest?


    1. Hi Louise.
      The system find you many possible matches and you choose which one to bet on, but the system will give you clues on which are the best matches and therefore biggest profits to be reached.
      You decide how much to invest as well – you can do lots of offers on one month and then you will have to invest quite a lot, but you will see the profit quciker or you can literally do few offers a month and invest less than 100 quid a month, but then the profit is smaller too. What is important to remember is this – it is not a real “investment” in the traditional sense as it doesnt take years or even months to bring the guaranteed profit. It literally gives you profit as soon as your bet settles.
      I would recommend first doing two free offers and then you will know whether you like to continue with the system and you can do tchem as quickly or slowly as you feel comfortable .

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