Profit Accumulator Tips and Mistakes

As I mentioned before, Profit Accumulator is a great way to earn quick cash if you’re a UK resident. But I also wanted to post some notes for you guys just starting to help your Profit Accumulator experience be as smooth and stressfree as mine is now, that I’ve learned few things. Click HERE if you want to get back to my general Profit Accumulator review or look below for some advice on how to use it best in my humble (but experienced) opinion:)

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1) Don’t do too many offers at once if you have limited starting budget.
Every offer in Profit Accumulator WILL bring you profit if you do it right. It can be a 5 quid profit or a 200 quid profit, depending on the offer, but they are ALL worht doing. You have to remember though – every offer requires a short-term investement from your part. You have to have some money to make two separate bets in two different bookies, each one will freeze your money  until the settling day, when your football game, your race or whatever you have placed your bet on has happened and only then you will see your investment back, plus profit of course. So if your initial budget is not great, give yourself time and do the offers one or two at the time at the very most. You CAN do them all at once, but that will require significant savings to be temporarily frozen. If you can afford it – why not, I did it and it just sped up the proces of earning. But if you’re only starting and you want to do it slowly and keep a clear track of your profits, just go slowly, it will still pay in the long run.

2) Make notes on everything you do.
Keep a document on your pc or just get an old fashioned notebook to keep notes in order to know exactly where all your money is at all times. When I started, I made notes of each and every bet placed and what follow-up actions needed doing afterwards depending on the situation. It is very easy to get confused if you have few offers going at once, so it is super important to know what’s going on. I just make simple notes to myself telling me at which stage I am with each bookie and what I still need doing in order to complete each offer and cash out.

3) Have an Excel Spreadsheet with your income numbers.
At some point during the course of their series of short video training films, they will advise you on that too. It is good to keep a spreadsheet with all your investments and profits to keep on top of things. They will show you how to set it up. To be completely honest with you, I myself didn’t do the spreadsheet out of pure laziness and because I already knew it was working beautifully at that stage and I didn’t need to worry about my profits. Nevertheless, I am absolutely certain that people who did the spreadsheet had a clearer view on their earnings, so, as much as you don’t really NEED this, it might be a good idea to do it, if you like to be in control of all the money flow at all times.

4) Try sticking to football
This is something that they don’t really tell you in great detail in training. Well, they don’t keep it a secret either, but they just don’t emphasise it enough. This is just my personal advice that made things easier for me. Basically, what I mean is – you can bet on absolutely any sports while matched betting, unless a specific offer is for a certain type of sports and they tell you that. So usually , the software will show you few choices to bet at everytime and most of the times horse racing and football are the two top choices. And here’s the thing – to make my life easier, I always stick to football. The reason for it is that horse racing odds constantly jump about and change even way before the race, which makes it difficult to quickly calculate matched betting odds etc (don’t worry if it sounds complicated now – you will know exactly what I’m on about when you go through short training on Profit Accumulator and you don’t calculate anything yourself anyway – the software does it for you)  Football is much easier for matched betting as it is very rare for the odds to quickly change on you while you’re placing bets unless you’re placing it”in-play” during actual game time) Don’t get me wrong, you can easily go with horses too, but then there’s a slight risk that the odds will change as you place the bet and it will give you some more work – it is not a tragedy and certainly doesn’t mean any loss for you. It just means that you will have to go to another software called Unmatched Bets calculator and do some more betting. So if you like things simple – stick to football like I do.

5) Place mug bets once in awhile on your best bookies.
Although it is certainly and completely legal to do matched betting, bookies generally don’t like people doing it and you don’t want them to know you are doing it. They want to believe that you are placing your bets and paying for it, they benefit and profit from it and noone else. They don’t want their users to get rich using smart systems and that’s why they don’t like Profit Accumulator. We, however, love it, cause we DO want to get rich, don’t we? So make sure you’re not too obvious and never mention it if you happen to be chatting with bookies’ support for any reason and try to do mug betting, which is easy, painless and keeps you covered basically. Again – the training will explain mug betting in great detail.
That’s it, for now. If you have any questions, please drop me a line or a comment and if you wanna read my Profit Accumulator general review, click HERE.


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