Your Office Is Your Prison !

I’ve never liked my job and I decided to find an alternative and start working from home, at least to get an additional income at first.  In fact, I have had several part time data entry jobs over the years and I hated every single one of them and I can tell you why:

office is prison

One day I simply realised that office is basically a prison with air conditioning. If you think about it, it really is. And whoever is called your boss, really is a warden who keeps you well behaved and behind the office bars.

Think about it:

Can you leave whenever you want?No, you’re not your own boss now, are you? And your inmates wouldn’t like it either.

Can you even leave when you finished all your responsibilies? – The hell you can – you have to sit there like a puppet and pretend to be really busy until 5pm, wasting your valuable time to make someone else rich.

Can you plan your holiday as and when you like? – Yeah of course you can,… providing that your warden graciously agrees that you are allowed to have a time off like you are not an adult and you don’t have the right to decide about yourself!

Can you not show up one day? – Yeah right, life imprisonment without a chance for parole!

You can’t decide on the temperature in the office, you can’t decide on the music that you listen to (if any music at all), you can’t even decide when you eat your lunch! And you have to put up with all that bullshit with a smile!

I’m talking about office based jobs on my own example, but of course what I really mean is that all jobs where you work for someone else and have to obey someone else’s orders are prisons, office or factory or a shop or ANYWHERE

And the worst of it is that we often go through all that injustice and humiliation for no more than a minimum wage . When you add up al the total hours you have spent at your work place, you will be devastated on how severe this sentence really is. That’s what this website is about really – there IS a chance for early good behaviour parole if you’re patient and determined

Ever since we are born and usually up until we retire, we are someone’s prisoners. Someone always tells us what to do and what we are allowed or not. And I’m not talking about laws and regulations, I’m talking about your basic rights to decide where and when you go somewhere or do something. The fact is, most of us simply are not our own bosses and that sucks big time! Unemployment is a huge problem too. On one hand, you are a free person, on the other you can’t afford to pay your bills and always lacking money.

Anyway, there I was doing my time in my very own little prison and I realised that I am actually counting down time to 5pm and I simply can’t wait for the day to be over! Then I realised that every week I can’t wait for Friday either. And then it hit me – I am wishing my life away! I don’t wanna live like this. I’ve decided to do something about it. I was doing the time without actually having done the crime.

I’ve always dreamt about a computer based home job , a way to make money online without having to get up early in the morning and rush to my own private hell.  For months I had been researching for legit ways to earn from home with just an internet access and pc needed.

I have checked lots of reviews and watched a lot of youtube material on how to avoid scams online that will just waste my time and give me false hope of freedom. I have experienced quite a lot of scams like that in the past so I was a bit sceptical. But I was really determined as well.

So finally, after long research, I have found and tested these awesome and genuine ways to make money online and I want to share them with you. All of them are personally checked by me and thousands of other happy people.

They will change your life forever, whether you are unemployed (so a free person with no money) or employed (a person with some money but jailed until they’re 67 without the chance to enjoy your life)

I know there are so many scams online and I have tried my share of them too unfortunately. That’s why on my website I am only focusing on the good and legit stuff. That’s the reason I have only posted positive reviews here.

Please read all three sections with reviews on top of this website with legit ways to make money online for everyone – Wealthy AffiliateProfit Accumulator and Neobux and find out how to break free from prison and break on through to the other side!

See you on the other side!


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