No. 3 – Neobux Review 2017

Is Neobux a scam ?

earn by clicking ads

I’m sure you have heard of PTC sites. If not – here’s a quick description. It is a website that pays you for clicking commercial ads. And be careful when registering in unknown pts websites – there is many scam ones out there. But this website is not only not a scam – it is the king of trusted PTC websites. It has existed nonstop since 2008 and never ever had they failed to pay anyone who withdrew money. Some people claim to live solely off it. I can see it being possible, but it probably took them years to achieve. I can surely say that it can become your additional source of decent profit if you are patient and manage it right. It doesn’t take much of your time and it certainly is not complicated – you just have to keep clicking:) Anyone can join anywhere in the world as long as they have a PayPal account (or an alternative)

How does Neobux work ?

Basically you get certain amount of ads every day – it varies from 30 to even 250 at times. You do it patiently and collect money in your balance. And then you can obviously withdraw – you can do it fairly fast , as soon as you have 2 dollars in your balance, so you can quickly check if what I’m saying is true and the website actually pays. But the general idea is that if you just click your ads and withdraw money you will make some rubbish money not worth the time.

The real money is in the fairly simple tactics. But if you implement that tactic you will have to be patient, because you wil not see profit for quite some time. But then , when you do, it will be something! You can definetely get to the point of making extra few thousand a year and that is realistically.

The tactic is : reinvest all the money that you earn and keep renting referrals. They have a system where you rent referals for 30 days and you get commission from all the ads they click.

When you see inactive referrals, you recycle them (you see all your referrals and see exactly how they click so you can manage them) It really is like a strategy game in a way:) If you want more details, join for free HERE and after you’ve registered, email me and I will send you a message with more detailed description of what to do first.

The key is to keep extending your referrals forever and keep recycling the inactive ones. Eventually you earn enough money (or points as you earn those too) to buy yourself a yearly Golden Membership which costs 90 dollars and is a really good investment as it gives you more money paid to you for each of yours and your referrals’ clicks. You can buy the membership yourself right away, but if you don’t feel comfortable investing your money, you just have to be patient and wait – you will earn enough to do this with no investment eventually. Once you upgrade, you’ll notice that your balance starts growing quicker.

There are also other ways to earn money and neopoints on the website (neopoints are quite valuable as well as you can buy upgrades with them as well as with real money) There are so called mini jobs and surveys and many more types of offers. There is also an ad prize where you can win Golden Membership and other prizes. It is loaded with possibilities and it will keep you occupied if you want to be. Or you can just simply stick to clicking and go with a simple tactic.

I could talk about this a lot more, but it is all very well explained on the website itself and there is also a massive forum that has answers for most of the questions you might have. (If you do have questions or comments, feel free to drop me a line.)

So why not simply join in and start clicking and earning:)


It takes quite a long time to see your first profit that you don’t need to invest back and can actually withdraw. I mean, you see profit every day, but if you wanna keep profiting, you need to keep reinvesting until you reached a certain level of completeness:) Long story short – it wil take months, but then again, you’re only clicking, it’s the easiest job in the world.

Drop me a note if you have any questions or doubts!

You can join by clicking the banner below :

Hope to see you there!!

And if you registered as my referral, please let me know by dropping me a line here on this website leaving your email address and I will send you a message with some advice on how to proceed at first.

Click HERE if you want to see my new post with some advice on the Neobux tips and mistakes.

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8 Replies to “No. 3 – Neobux Review 2017”

  1. Hi Anna,
    I had never heard of Neobux until I read your review. This may provide some people with physical limitations a low cost way to supplement their incomes, and of course help you as well if they become your referral! Can you tell me about the number of ads. Do they provide a good number for you to click? At 250 “more often” than 30 it would be much easier for steady income. I think your referrals should increase quickly as well. Thank you for this review, it was very helpful indeed! Who knows, maybe you will get me as a referral!

    1. To be honest with you – these days it is more 40 than 240 lol. But there have been two months in a row when there was 250 everyday and ocassionally it still happens. Ultimately it doesn’t matter that much cause the whole system assumes that you rent referrals, then eventually use some of your points or earnings to upgrade to golden and then you get more per each referral click and eventually you start earning. It is a proces for patient people, but you could look at it this way – it can also benefit your WA account – you can use your earning to advertise your niche site there. That’s what I’m planning to do sometime



  2. Hmm… Sounds like an interesting concept. To tell you the truth I’ve never heard of neobux before. How long have you been a member there and what has your earning been like? Sorry if it seems too personal, just trying to get some information to see if this would be a good fit for me or not.

    Thanks for the review.

    1. Hi. it’s OK I don’t mind questions. To be absolutely honest with you I’ve only been there few months – I have noticed a much faster balance increase after I bought golden membership and rented referrals with all the earned money there. It is hard for me to know or tell anyone how much I’ve actually earned, because I keep reinvesting money into more referrals for now. I have read tons of other people’s reviews and I have talked to many successful people there – they all say it is more like a long term earning solution – you have to keep reinvesting for good few months to get comfortable earnings and actually start withdrawing.. You can do it right away of course, but then you will only get peanuts. While all the people who have been using it for years swear by it and say they get few hundres a month – After few months I can see that it is definitely possible, but it will require patience, which I have a lot of since it’s only few clicks a day in the comfort of my own house:)



  3. Hi,
    I read through your article and it sounded promising so I just joined under your link. But I quickly noticed I have to view 10 ads to make 1 penny… I’m not sure how I’d be able to make a few grand a year. can you explain to me what I should do to make a few grand a year? Just keep clicking ads?

    Also I see some mini tasks with crowd flower with higher pay, if I complete tasks there do I get paid via neo bux? or is that a completely different site?

    1. Hi Kent
      1) Neobux is a game of patience.. I don’t believe anyone starts earning few grant a year in their first year. It takes slow building up towards two things – a big system of rented referrals and a few direct ones if you can get them as well) and a golden membership (you can buy it with the money or points earned in Neobux after some time) which will give you higher pay per each of your clicks and your referrals’ clicks. You just slowly build it all up
      2) I actually don’t do crowdflower, but I hear it is good way to boost up your earnings – I’m 99 percent sure that you will get paid via Neobux for the crowd flower tasks
      3) There are other ways to earn money and points that you can both convert into golden membership or recycling currency – you can do surveys, which I do ocassionally and you also get paid via Neobux with points. There are also other jobs there that you can check out, including registering in certain websites etc.. There really are many possibilities
      Hope I answered your questions – If you have any more do not hesitate to ask

  4. I’ve actually never heard of Neobux until I saw a mention of it in a Facebook group. I was interested to learn more about it, so I started digging deeper.

    So this is just basically an add clicking program, where you get paid cents for clicking on ads and watching videos and stuff?

    It might be okay as an additional income stream. I don’t think I’d focus on it for a fulltime income though. Thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Darren,

      Yeah essentially you are right – it is a clicking program where you get paid for all the things you mentioned above plus few additional jobs and surveys. As you say – it can not be your main source of income, at least not for few first years, but it is a nice addition and if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member, you can leverage your Neobux profits to pay for your website’s advertising


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