No. 1 – Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017

Wealthy Affiliate – My Personal Number One!

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Everything you always wanted to know about online business but were afraid to ask

Hhhm where do I even begin! Wealthy Affiliate is so big and awesome it can potentially become your one and only income that you will ever need (and a huge one at that) if you put your mind and time into it. It is a huge learning platform loaded with expert advice, video tutorials and tools that are designed to teach dummies like me who have never done anything like it, how to create your own website that is capable of making money on its own once properly started and edited. Anyone can join anywhere in the world as long as they have a PayPal account.

Do I need to have any experience to join?

They literally explain everything there in such an easy way that I cannot even try to do it any better, but basic idea is that you learn how to create a website (there’s a step by step video that shows exactly how to do it, The whole website creation takes few minutes literally- have a look HERE) They provide you with a tutorial and free server hosting  option . As a standard FREE member you can host two websites. Each of them has a potential of bringing you lots of profit. You simply put banners and affiliate links on the website and that’s pretty much it! It is all explained really well and showed on videos and lessons. Just join for free and see for yourself!

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam ?

Definitely not. At first I thought it must be a scam, because it just sounded too good to be true, but you know what’s the difference between Wealthy Affiliate and other sites that promise you money? It’s very simple really – in Wealthy Affiliate you actually have to learn and do some work so it’s not another “Money for nothing” empty promise where someone swears that a magic money making robot will earn you thousands of dollars or pounds or whatever your currency is. It is actually YOU who will make yourself those thousands. And they will show you how to do it easily and painlessly. And that’s why it’s my numer one – because it’s REAL and it is build and used by real people, not bots or schemes.

be your own boss

Do you have what it takes? Can anyone do it?

Yes! Most people there had never done anything like that before they joined and now they’re pros who have quit their jobs and happily supporting their families not leaving their house. They’re all there as well in an online community ready to talk to you and help you out in any queries you might have. I’ve found out myself, that no matter how trivial the question you ask, you get thorough replies within minutes – that’s how huge the community is. And they are all real successful people like you and me who will tell you their story anytime and them stories really do speak for themselves and prove it is highly lucrative and legitimate work from home job

Does it take a lot of time?

People start seeing really big profit after just few months of work if they work hard. The idea is to only spend only an hour or two per day, maybe even less and having reviewed that I can honestly say that this WILL be the case really, but only after few months of training when you get comfortable. If you’re looking for quick cash then this is not for you. Wealthy Affiliate is for people who want to invest some time to learn how to earn money online from home with their very own personal small business idea  and then in few months start really profiting from it. But it is SO worth it!

What is Wealthy Affiliate exactly?

The best way to describe Wealthy Affiliate is that it is an online internet marketing / internet business and money making course, loaded with tutorials, learning modules and possibilities. It will show you how to create a website and how to profit from it, it will show you how to earn money blogging and become your own boss . It will help you transform your own passion into business or help you create a profit from other people’s interests and products if you don’t have an idea of your own. Wealthy Affiliate has absolutely everything you will ever need to start a successful business online. It will teach you how to create a website in 30 seconds , how to host your own domain and finally, how to make a living out of all this and work from home to earn a decent salary.

Is it free?

Standard membership is free and you can remain there for free forever earning some profit and benefiting from a lot of knowledge so in that sense it is completely risk-free as it doesn’t force any investments out of you to test it and start.In fact, there is no pressure at any time to invest money. You can just host two websites from their server and profit from them or just keep them there for fun. If you want to just create a website for free without any strings attached, you can watch a video on how to do that in under 30 seconds by clicking HERE.

Or if you prefer you can buy Premier Membership and that’s when the big money usually starts, because then you can host up to 50 websites so your profit is potentially 25 times bigger. It is 49 dollars a month and it is totally worth it! Not to mention that you can get a huge discount if you buy a yearly membership (359 dollars per whole year). That memebership gives you access to EVERYTHING. Trust me there is enough knowledge and ideas there to make your money’s worth for years.The content can fill a lifetime of making money and creating profitable businesses. I have never seen anything like it , online or in real life, and I have done few online courses before. And additionally it teaches you some other valuable lesson – to believe in yourself and in what you can accomplish!

If you join for free now (just click on any of the banners on this page) then you can access a special offer – For the first seven days since joining, you can buy the first month’s Premium Membership for only 19 dollars! (that’s a 60 percent discount!!!) That will give you another month at an incredibly low price to make up your mind and decide whether you want to stay as a Premier Member (you can cancel at any time, you are not committing to anything permanently) . Even if you don’t continue as a Premium , dont worry, you can still use Wealthy Affiliate for free forever! You will just have limited access to all the amazing lessons and tutorials and limited number of websites to host, but you will still be able to earn money and be there for free.


or via any banner on this page and I will personally contact you there and help you with any possible doubts and questions as soon as I see you there and I will be offering you a welcome bonus. We really are the friendliest and most helpful community of people you have ever met. We all want the others to succeed and we help each other however we can.

See you there!!!!

Click HERE to read the post about Wealthy affiliate tips and mistakes.

Oh and of course feel free to drop me a line here on the website, if you have any questions or comments at all.


I have focused on all the pros, because I truly recommend this site, but there is a con worth mentioning – Here it is. It takes time and a can-do attitude. It is not an easy fix that is going to work for you with no effort. If you are willing to try and learn, you don’t have to be a genius or an expert, but you do need to really want this and work on it.

17 Replies to “No. 1 – Wealthy Affiliate Review 2017”

  1. I joined WA just about a week ago now, the free trial of the premium tools even though limited got me up and running in no time. The community is the greatest part, so many training courses and other user content that it gives you expert advice on anything.
    I didn’t even wait the full 7 days to get premium, I wanted full access!
    It’s a premium trail for free, what do you have to lose?

    “It’s not only what we do, but also what we do not do, that we are accountable.”

    1. I didn’t wait full week either. As soon as I saw how good it was. But the thing is you can do it without Premium and that’s the beauty of it if someone is broke but still wants to try it.
      Thanks for your comment:)

  2. For anyone who wants a success online business wealthy affiliate is the place where you can learn all that you need too learn too start a success online business. Evertning you need is right here to get you up and running and well on your way.

    1. Thanks you for my very first website comment:) I hope there’s more and I hope they all come from truly WEALTHY affiliates and other successful entrepeneurs too 😀

  3. Wealthy affiliate is the one stop shop where you can learn all there is about the online world and how too go about running a successful business, and the good thing is that anyone can do it because there way of teaching is so awesome.

  4. Hi

    I do agree 100% An office is a REAL prison 🙂

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great system to teach anybody the good technics to build a website and to make money online. It is my second year with WA and I have learned so much.

    My online skills increased, my business mind thinking “skyrocket”, and my website traffic increases month after month.

    Definitely, the first choice to succeed in the online business.

    Cheers, Jeff

  5. Hi Anna,
    thanks for a great article on Wealthy Affiliate!
    I really enjoyed reading it. I like the honesty that you aren’t only saying that you will make money, you are also telling it as it is, that it takes time and effort. I became a member myself 2.5 months ago and I’m overwhelmed by the amazing community and all the training. If I wasn’t a member already, I would definitely become one from reading your article.
    Keep up the good work!
    Best wishes,
    Ps. I love your slogan that an office is a modern prison, that is exactly how I feel!! The frogs are so cute too.

    1. Thanks Stina. I’m glad you like it.
      WA is a lot of work at first, but it is so rewarding. The moment your own page running and indexed by google is so awesome.

  6. Hey Anna,
    great overview of Wealthy Affiliate! They really offer so much value don’t they? I actually though that they were some sort of a scam because of that, lol. I was really trying to find a reason that would indicate them as one, but I kept finding awesome reviews like yours.
    Keep up the good work,

    1. Thanks Keith. I will be soon posting some tips and advice for Wealthy Affiliate after a person registers, just like I did for Neobux and Profit Accumulator in my other pages.

    1. Hi Dennis
      Certainly can – free website hosting and free website creating tutorial is the main thing. You get quite a lot for free – enough to do it on your own – the hard awy but still..:)

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