Neobux Tips And Mistakes

In this post I will be pointing out tips on using Neobux and name all the mistakes that I can think of (or actually made) so your experience is as pleasant and profitable as possible. If you want to read my Neobux review, you can access it HERE.

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1) Don’t overdo it at first with renting referrals.
That was a mistake I made on the first month and that set me back few weeks.
Even if you;ve got enough money in your balance to buy 50 or more referrals, so not do it at first, unless you are certain that in 30 days from now you will be able to afford extending them all (every non extended referral that expires naturally costs you 0.05 off your balance.
And while you can have a negative balance and delete your accout as you please with negative balance – why do it? If you wanna continue making money, you do not want a negative balabce fullstop. Otherwise it will take you days to weeks to cover that balance with clicking in order to get back to the earning money side.

2) Never forget to click your fixed ads
They are the ones at the bottom colored orange. When you’re a standard user you get 4-5 of them daily, when you’re a Golden Member you get 9 of them daily) If you do not click all of them one day, you will not get credited for your referrals’ clicks the next day and that can set you back too if you are at the stage where you have many referrals. So if you’re in a rush and you can’t click them all – just click these if you have any referrals at all.

3) Make sure you click the fixed ads every day once and never twice on the same day.
It sounds stupidly simple and obvious, but let me explain what I mean. Neobux is based in USA and even though all the ads refresh at YOUR local 00:15 and thay are available to click, that doesn’t mean you should. If you had clicked the ads during your day period and then you click them again as soon as they refreshed, it might just happen that the time you clicked them the day before and the time you clicked them after midnight is in fact same calendar day in America because of the time difference and then you won’t be credited for referral’s click the next day..
So it’s always good to check what is the server time by Neobux itself (you can see it on the blue bar on the right side of the click advertisement tab, almost all the way at the top it says current server time and that’s the time by Neobux count.
Or, if you can’t be bothered checking, then just make sure you click everyday at more or less same time of the day – that should do it.

4) Click the ads that can expire first.
There are days when all you get to click are fixed ads. So when you logged in and you see a massive amount of so called mini exposure ads, (the blue ones), it is a good idea to click them all first and asap as they tend to disappear when they’ve reached enough clicks and sometimes you can get even 200 of them and that gives you a dollar. Sounds like nothing? And yet you can rent 5 referrals for 30 days for that amount. Each of their clicks is being credited to your account so it’s worth it. Or you can recycle 14 referrals for that dollar. Whatever you need to do, it’s an extra boost. All them numbers seem small at first, but again – with patience and time, they will grow and grow.

5) Try to earn Neopoints where and when you can
Neopoints can be earned by doing offers for point (green offers button on the top right drops down to different categories and points are one of them) Points can be easily earned by registering in websites or participating in surveys and then you can spend them on anything you want in Neobux as they are pretty much the equivalent of money in your balance – the only difference is that you cannot withdraw them like you can withdraw money)

6) If you dont plan on investing your own money in Golden Membership then save your Neopoints
If you don’t spend Neopoints on recycling and renewing then after few monhts of active using you might be able to afford Golden Membership, which is a game changer – you start getting paid more for your own fixed ads and your referrals clicks as well.

7) Don’t cashout at early stages
Although you can withdraw money from Neobux as soon as you earned your first 2 dollars, all the experienced members will strongly advice you not to do it. The trick is to keep patiently reinvesting all your earnings until the certain level of money making pace that will allow you to both keep renting and recycling referrals and comfortably withdraw a certain sum of clear profit every now and then. Patience will be rewarded!

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