Keywords Are The Key To Success

One of the most powerful ways to make sure you get good traffic is knowing the power of keywords and learning how to use them for your advantage.

.     We have covered how to start and run successful business with Wealthy Affiliate in the Review HERE and if you have started some lessons already, you will soon learn about the keywords and how powerful they can be for your income and success. Here are some basics that will help you understand what they are and how you can use them in your affiliate marketing business.

What Are Keywords ?


.      Basically, keywords are little parts of a sentence or even whole sentences that people will search stuff by. The internet user will type a keyword in the search engine (for example How to behave on a job interview or Ways to improve your memory quicly etc ) and then the search engine decides which websites/articles that have incorporated these words in their content will show up as results and how high on top or how low down the page. Search engine decides which page your article shows on, under each keyword used in it.  Your role is to find out what is it that people search for most often and figure out how to use it to your advantage and then incorporate it into your articles and reviews in a way that it makes sense

.     Luckily you don’t have to do it yourself – there are few good keyword search tools you can use to help you figure out the numer of monthly searches and the competition you will have when using a specific searched keyword.
And keywords is how and why you get ranked by google, yahoo and bing, which are the most commonly used search engines that basically dominated the internet long time ago.

How To Use Keywords and How Do They Work?


.     Think of finding the right keyword like it’s finding a secret password to good search engine rankings.

.     The trick is to find a keyword with as many searches/traffic possible and as little competition numer as possible and once you have it – input it in your article, preferably into so called SEO title and description, available once you install and activate a SEO plugin into your Word Press website editor. You can also use keywords anywhere in the article, in post’s title, in the first paragraph – sky is the limit really as long as you don’t over do it.

.     Another useful thing about keywords is that if you use a really long and rare keyword, you will be ranked not only under that one long keyword, but also under any shorter keywords that your long keyword comprises of. For example if you use How to make money online working from home in US, you will also get ranked under How to make money online , then separately under make money online and then make money online working from home, and working from home in US etc. They can’t be too long, but they can be descriptive enough, like the example above.

Don’t Overdo It!


.     You might want to remember that it is not a good idea to overload one article with tons of keywords – search engines might rank you lower if you go keyword-crazy. Just use a common sense and input not more than 3-4 keywords in one post or page that you publish (and by that I mean in total – SEO title, SEO description, the post title and the first paragraph combined) Noone wants to read an article that is all about the keywords and not much about the content. The article still needs to aim to be helpful and interesting and keywords are just one of the tools that are meant to help potential readers find you.

.      As you can probably gather from the above paragraphs, keywords can really be your best friends and best employees if you are running a website based business. You just need to know how to understand and incorporate them into your content. You might want to invest some money into a good keyword search tool like Jaaxy HERE for example (which is one of the best available softwares for this type of thing), but there are some free ones too if you want to wait with making some investments at this particular stage of your business development. All you need to do is research keyword tools and there will be some free most basic ones. Wealthy Affiliate also has a free keyword tool within their platform that comes included with the premium membership.

How to Keep Track of Your Keywords and Know How Well They’re Doing?

.        Once you have some good and competitive powerful keywords picked, inserted and published along with your content, you can observe how they are doing by using a website called Serplab, where you basically create a little bot for your website, you add all the keywords that you use and then it checkes it for you every 24 hours. It checks how well you ranked under each certain keyword , which helps you analyse what sort of keyword type ranks better than others and it might help you in the future when you’re searching for more keywords for your other posts. Serplab is a free tool, which really makes it a no brainer. It is one of the easiest ways to track your progress in google rankings and I definitely recommend creating an account there

2 Replies to “Keywords Are The Key To Success”

  1. Hello here. Yes, you are right that keywords are important. I could tell that they are vitally important. If we will pick keywords which are highly popular our articles would have long journey towards first pages of Google.
    Keyword tools, especially Jaaxy save time and energy for us.
    It is good to know about topics which are interesting for our future visitors.
    Great content always will be a winner but right keywords speed this process.
    Thanks for informative article, all the best.

    1. Hi Nemira.

      Of course the topics and content are the most important. First rule of having a website is to try to help people, give them advice and information and only then try to input some strategic keywords to make our work stand out:)



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