How To Sell Stuff Online In 5 Easy Steps

Ever wondered how you can start a business with no money (or very little) when you have a basic idea, but not sure about the technical aspects?


Let’s say you already have a product you would like to be selling, but you don’t know how about get people to know about it. You obviously don’t want to start investing lots of money into it, since you don’t know how well you’re gonna do, right? So don’t!

Don’t hire an expensive office and staff you have to pay to regardless of the income. Start your business online and let your house be your office and let yourself be the only employee you’ll ever need.

It’s really simple. There is a platform which helps people like yourself, the beginners – literally anyone can do it – to start an online business and earn money using nothing but their brains and their computers.


Here’s how do you do it:


1)You register on an affiliate marketinglearning and hosting platform called  Wealthy Affiliate for free (read the full review and see how to register HERE) and you can remain there for free indefinitely  if you want to just get the basic help.

2) You start your own website – it’s dead easy and they show you on videos how to do it in 30 seconds and then how to set it up quickly. If you are just interested in creating website and nothing more check HERE for easy tutorial

3) You put your product’s details and photos into your website – again they will show you how to do just that. For writing content and reviews you can even hire a very cheap help if you like (see HERE) but it really is easier than you think.

4) You input strategic keywords into your website. It’s also well described in Wealthy Affiliate, or you can ready my article on keywords HERE. Basically that is how you get people to find your website amongst all the competition.

5) You start beeing noticed and ranked by search engines and you are ready to sell/earn!!


Here’s the best part – you don’t even have to HAVE a product yourself – you can actually start a business just referring other companies and products to others and earn money like that. Find out how by reading my Wealthy Affiliate Review and joining for free.


Make sure to also check my highly recommended and awesome way to earn big money online from home if you live in UK – full review HERE.

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2 Replies to “How To Sell Stuff Online In 5 Easy Steps”

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is an abundant source of knowledge to get started and make money on line with just about no starting cost.

    I found it has great and enjoyable learning platform. Its a great concept to learn and earn.

    Great community support as well.

    1. Thans for commenting Vince. Comments like that are especially helpful from fellow WA members who actually know what they’re talking about 🙂

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