Hire Writers Review 2017

Let me tell you about a service that you will absolutely love if you are a Wealthy Affiliate member or just any kind of Affiliate Marketer running your online business! Let me tell you why:

Running a website is fun, isn’t it?

Everything there is your vision! You decide on content that gets published, how it gets published, when it gets published and in what order. You choose the photos, the menus, the widgets and you put a final touch to all of it which makes the website YOURS. (If you still don’t know how you can easily start a website for free, you can read HERE)

But wouldn’t it be more fun if someone else did the hard part for you?

Researching and writing articles and reviews can be time consuming and you do need to publish quite regularly if you want the website moving up in search engine rankings.

If you are either too busy to write all your stuff yourself or you think someone else might bring a different perspective or do a more thorough job – just outsource it to others to do it for you – Join HireWriters by clicking the banner below and register as a client.

You can request an essay, a friendly article, a thorough review – anything you need! There’s always going to be someone there who actually knows about the subject and will take on the job. And if you don’t like what they’ve done – you can ask them to rewrite it or add something to it or even reject it altogether.

It is surprisingly cheap to get your articles written for you. You can get them as cheap as $1.50 for a short article!! And seeing how a good content is the most important ingredient in your online success, it really can be worth it!

It is literally as simple as possible!

You decide what you want the article to be about and how it is written. You choose few good keywords, which is obviously quite important and then someone else takes it from there! It’s their job to write the content for you and to incorporate your keywords into it.

The big pro of the website is its very simple idea and even simpler design – it is super easy to navigate and it’s not one of them confusing softwares where you register and it takes you a good day or two to learn what’s going on.



You can also leverege this service as a writer and earn some extra income. Just choose the writer option when you register, rather than a client

As long as you can write properly with correct grammar and spelling, you’ll find something for yourself as there are all sorts of writing jobs in demand – short ones, long ones, very formal or completely informal and topics really vary!

You choose which jobs to take on and you get a description from the client where they state what they want the article to be about and quite often what style it is meant to be in. There is also a list of keywords next to each job – you will need to use them in your text.

Keywords are super important whether you write an article for yourself (like if you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate and you earn your a living with your website) or you are a HireWriters writer and you write for a single reward fee.

Minimum payment is very low – you can cash out starting at 10 dollars and they pay you automatically every Friday via Paypal

HireWriters accepts people from both US and UK (possibly more countries than these two) It is super easy to join and to use.


That depends – If you’re thinking of writing for them, you could say that it doesn’t pay very well.. at least at first, when you are considered a beginner. But with time you climb the statuses and when you have some experience you tend to get paid a bit better for your writing jobs

The same thing that is considered a con for a writer can be quite a pro for an Affiliate Marketer from Wealthy Affiliate or any other platform – you can get articles written for you at quite a cheap cost.

8 Replies to “Hire Writers Review 2017”

  1. Hey Anna,
    I could totally relate to this, I do a lot of writing that sometimes I just need a break from it to refresh my mind and get more ideas on what to write about.

    Hire Writers look amazing and $5 for 700 to a thousand words seem affordable. But I have a question though, what happens if I get a writer that I’m not satisfied with and writes bad articles?

    1. Hi Riaz

      You do not have to accept the article you are not happy with -you can either reject it or just request that the writer makes some changes / edits it up to your standards. If you reject an article – the money paid for it comes back to your client balance until someone better comes along and does the job properly:)

      You can also block certain writers you were not happy about before, from seeing jobs posted by you in the future so they cannot accept them and mess them up 😀



  2. Thank you for this article. Menu content writers are needed for my new website where I currently work, so your review came at the right time. I will look at hire Writers, maybe I’ll find the person right there for me.
    Do you have experience with writers for $5, I hope that these texts grammatical correct and can be used? Do you know how the writers respect the agreed deadlines?

    1. Hi Jelena

      There really isn’t a rule with the writers – some will be at the beginner’s stage and will write you a beautiful, interesting, gramatically correct and relevant article and some will not write up to your standard by any means I’m sure, but the good news is that you only pay for what you approve and accept so no risk really.

      If you don;t think you can use it because your request was not met properly jsut reject the article and wait for the better writer to do the job for you properly.

      As for deadlines – I’ve not had a problem with that yet, but again – if one writer doesn;t meet the deadline the next one will do better and the writer who did not meet their deadline will be financially punished by Hire Writers

      I hope that answers all your questions and thank you for commenting:)



  3. Thank you for this clear and simple explanation, now I understand much better the pro’s and con’s of this service.

    I’m interested to know if it’s worthwhile to pay for writing when still ramping up my website. I am focused on affiliate marketing, although traffic is still low and I haven’t yet earned commissions.

    Do you have some perspective to share?


    Leon B.

    1. Hi Leon

      I believe it all depends on two things – are you struggling to write your content ? and are you too busy to write and publish as much as you’d like.?. If the answer to both of those questions is yes then I’d still give it a go. $1.5 is hardly a big investment considering that having your own affiliate business you must have invested much more before you saw any profit anyway.

      However- if you don’t mind writing content youself and have anough time on your hands not only you don’t need HireWriters – you can even be one of their writers and earn extra cash yourself.

      I have to honestly say though – in my opinion in pays more to hire one that to become one seeing how cheap the articles are.

      Ultimately – it is obviously your choice. If you are not too sure you should wait for your first commission and see then. I write my own content most of the times, but I feel my time is too valuable sometimes an d if I struggle I’d rather commission some of the content writing



  4. This sounds like a great way to outsource the most time consuming part of running a website. I’m wondering though, if you’re able to choose the style of the article? If I were to go down this path, I’d want it to look like it was written by me…is it possible to submit an example of the style and language I use for the hired writer to conform to?

    1. Hi Shirley
      There is a bit when you post a job where you put it in your own words how you want the article to be written, what style and what language.. I dont see why not post a sample there. Or some people just post a link where they send off a potential writer to a website or article and then say they want something similar.
      Hope that answers your question

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