Morning Brain Rush

Did you know that your brain is actually bigger in the morning?

Scientists are basically unanimous – our brain functions much better in the morning. We’re more creative and we have much more will power to do whatever the job we decided to do.

Your brain LOVES mornings!

It is very easy to motivate yourself to do any task when you’re well rested. In fact, some studies suggest that our brain is actually a little bit bigger in the morning than it is later in the day.


       I am no scientist, but I do see those symptoms in my own life and behaviour.

In the morning I am so much more inclined (and even willing) to clean up my house, to write an article, to learn something that I have been postponing for ages. The very same jobs approached in the evening, literally make me cringe

Of course, when you wake up you don’t really feel that eager to do anything, not straight away. But as you’ve had your coffe or breakfast (depending on your morning routine), you will slowly start feeling that natural rush of energy to make changes, to improve stuff. It is science and it is beautiful.

As the day passes by , of course you get more and more on your mind and it starts slowing down. Especially that obviously you use it more during the day, than during the night. Just like a battery that has been in use for full day, the percentage is dropping and that is why you need to recharge it by sleeping at the end of your working day. That is also why you don’t really feel like vacuuming or cleaning your windows at 11 pm.  You are however more likely to do it on your weekend mornings, without feeling miserable and unhappy about it:)

Why do I feel like crap in the morning then?

That’s a very good question – assuming we’re not talking illness, cold or hangover, you SHOULD feel that good. Why don’t you then?

The answer is easy – because you work for someone else. And because you have to get dressed, go out and be in a certain place at a certain time whether you like it or not, which makes your brain to rebel against the lack of freedom. Every person has a desire of freedom and when they have to do stuff against their will, the brain is not going to feel ecstatic about it.

You don’t do anything to improve your own interests when you’re preparing reports for your boss or when you’re piping someone else’s house or selling someone else’s merchandise to some other people. And deep down you know that no matter how good you try, your personal situation will not change in any way as a result of what you do at work, so you don’t have your very own goal, your motivation.

I have noticed that ever since I stopped working full time, I do get that energy rush in the morning- I do a lot of cleaning, a lot of internet work and research and I have started earning online, more and more every month.

So not only you’re not getting your natural morning brain rush, because of your job – you are in fact WASTING it on fulfilling goals that are not yours and making someone else riche rather than making yourself rich!

If you write that report and it’s brilliant, you’ll get a tap on the head or a good word (or a tiny payrise if you’re lucky) that will not really change a thing in your life. If you wrote the same report or an article for your own website or business, you’d get the real profit from it instead.

Is it worth to waste my brain rush on someone else?

A simple question really.. And the answer is obvious.

So how can I change my life and use my full brain potential?

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