Profit Accumulator Tips and Mistakes

As I mentioned before, Profit Accumulator is a great way to earn quick cash if you’re a UK resident. But I also wanted to post some notes for you guys just starting to help your Profit Accumulator experience be as smooth and stressfree as mine is now, that I’ve learned few things. Click HERE if you want to get back to my general Profit Accumulator review or look below for some advice on how to use it best in my humble (but experienced) opinion:)

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1) Don’t do too many offers at once if you have limited starting budget.
Every offer in Profit Accumulator WILL bring you profit if you do it right. It can be a 5 quid profit or a 200 quid profit, depending on the offer, but they are ALL worht doing. You have to remember though – every offer requires a short-term investement from your part. You have to have some money to make two separate bets in two different bookies, each one will freeze your money  until the settling day, when your football game, your race or whatever you have placed your bet on has happened and only then you will see your investment back, plus profit of course. So if your initial budget is not great, give yourself time and do the offers one or two at the time at the very most. You CAN do them all at once, but that will require significant savings to be temporarily frozen. If you can afford it – why not, I did it and it just sped up the proces of earning. But if you’re only starting and you want to do it slowly and keep a clear track of your profits, just go slowly, it will still pay in the long run.

2) Make notes on everything you do.
Keep a document on your pc or just get an old fashioned notebook to keep notes in order to know exactly where all your money is at all times. When I started, I made notes of each and every bet placed and what follow-up actions needed doing afterwards depending on the situation. It is very easy to get confused if you have few offers going at once, so it is super important to know what’s going on. I just make simple notes to myself telling me at which stage I am with each bookie and what I still need doing in order to complete each offer and cash out.

3) Have an Excel Spreadsheet with your income numbers.
At some point during the course of their series of short video training films, they will advise you on that too. It is good to keep a spreadsheet with all your investments and profits to keep on top of things. They will show you how to set it up. To be completely honest with you, I myself didn’t do the spreadsheet out of pure laziness and because I already knew it was working beautifully at that stage and I didn’t need to worry about my profits. Nevertheless, I am absolutely certain that people who did the spreadsheet had a clearer view on their earnings, so, as much as you don’t really NEED this, it might be a good idea to do it, if you like to be in control of all the money flow at all times.

4) Try sticking to football
This is something that they don’t really tell you in great detail in training. Well, they don’t keep it a secret either, but they just don’t emphasise it enough. This is just my personal advice that made things easier for me. Basically, what I mean is – you can bet on absolutely any sports while matched betting, unless a specific offer is for a certain type of sports and they tell you that. So usually , the software will show you few choices to bet at everytime and most of the times horse racing and football are the two top choices. And here’s the thing – to make my life easier, I always stick to football. The reason for it is that horse racing odds constantly jump about and change even way before the race, which makes it difficult to quickly calculate matched betting odds etc (don’t worry if it sounds complicated now – you will know exactly what I’m on about when you go through short training on Profit Accumulator and you don’t calculate anything yourself anyway – the software does it for you)  Football is much easier for matched betting as it is very rare for the odds to quickly change on you while you’re placing bets unless you’re placing it”in-play” during actual game time) Don’t get me wrong, you can easily go with horses too, but then there’s a slight risk that the odds will change as you place the bet and it will give you some more work – it is not a tragedy and certainly doesn’t mean any loss for you. It just means that you will have to go to another software called Unmatched Bets calculator and do some more betting. So if you like things simple – stick to football like I do.

5) Place mug bets once in awhile on your best bookies.
Although it is certainly and completely legal to do matched betting, bookies generally don’t like people doing it and you don’t want them to know you are doing it. They want to believe that you are placing your bets and paying for it, they benefit and profit from it and noone else. They don’t want their users to get rich using smart systems and that’s why they don’t like Profit Accumulator. We, however, love it, cause we DO want to get rich, don’t we? So make sure you’re not too obvious and never mention it if you happen to be chatting with bookies’ support for any reason and try to do mug betting, which is easy, painless and keeps you covered basically. Again – the training will explain mug betting in great detail.
That’s it, for now. If you have any questions, please drop me a line or a comment and if you wanna read my Profit Accumulator general review, click HERE.


Feel free to post any comments or questions

Neobux Tips And Mistakes

In this post I will be pointing out tips on using Neobux and name all the mistakes that I can think of (or actually made) so your experience is as pleasant and profitable as possible. If you want to read my Neobux review, you can access it HERE.

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1) Don’t overdo it at first with renting referrals.
That was a mistake I made on the first month and that set me back few weeks.
Even if you;ve got enough money in your balance to buy 50 or more referrals, so not do it at first, unless you are certain that in 30 days from now you will be able to afford extending them all (every non extended referral that expires naturally costs you 0.05 off your balance.
And while you can have a negative balance and delete your accout as you please with negative balance – why do it? If you wanna continue making money, you do not want a negative balabce fullstop. Otherwise it will take you days to weeks to cover that balance with clicking in order to get back to the earning money side.

2) Never forget to click your fixed ads
They are the ones at the bottom colored orange. When you’re a standard user you get 4-5 of them daily, when you’re a Golden Member you get 9 of them daily) If you do not click all of them one day, you will not get credited for your referrals’ clicks the next day and that can set you back too if you are at the stage where you have many referrals. So if you’re in a rush and you can’t click them all – just click these if you have any referrals at all.

3) Make sure you click the fixed ads every day once and never twice on the same day.
It sounds stupidly simple and obvious, but let me explain what I mean. Neobux is based in USA and even though all the ads refresh at YOUR local 00:15 and thay are available to click, that doesn’t mean you should. If you had clicked the ads during your day period and then you click them again as soon as they refreshed, it might just happen that the time you clicked them the day before and the time you clicked them after midnight is in fact same calendar day in America because of the time difference and then you won’t be credited for referral’s click the next day..
So it’s always good to check what is the server time by Neobux itself (you can see it on the blue bar on the right side of the click advertisement tab, almost all the way at the top it says current server time and that’s the time by Neobux count.
Or, if you can’t be bothered checking, then just make sure you click everyday at more or less same time of the day – that should do it.

4) Click the ads that can expire first.
There are days when all you get to click are fixed ads. So when you logged in and you see a massive amount of so called mini exposure ads, (the blue ones), it is a good idea to click them all first and asap as they tend to disappear when they’ve reached enough clicks and sometimes you can get even 200 of them and that gives you a dollar. Sounds like nothing? And yet you can rent 5 referrals for 30 days for that amount. Each of their clicks is being credited to your account so it’s worth it. Or you can recycle 14 referrals for that dollar. Whatever you need to do, it’s an extra boost. All them numbers seem small at first, but again – with patience and time, they will grow and grow.

5) Try to earn Neopoints where and when you can
Neopoints can be earned by doing offers for point (green offers button on the top right drops down to different categories and points are one of them) Points can be easily earned by registering in websites or participating in surveys and then you can spend them on anything you want in Neobux as they are pretty much the equivalent of money in your balance – the only difference is that you cannot withdraw them like you can withdraw money)

6) If you dont plan on investing your own money in Golden Membership then save your Neopoints
If you don’t spend Neopoints on recycling and renewing then after few monhts of active using you might be able to afford Golden Membership, which is a game changer – you start getting paid more for your own fixed ads and your referrals clicks as well.

7) Don’t cashout at early stages
Although you can withdraw money from Neobux as soon as you earned your first 2 dollars, all the experienced members will strongly advice you not to do it. The trick is to keep patiently reinvesting all your earnings until the certain level of money making pace that will allow you to both keep renting and recycling referrals and comfortably withdraw a certain sum of clear profit every now and then. Patience will be rewarded!

Your Office Is Your Prison !

I’ve never liked my job and I decided to find an alternative and start working from home, at least to get an additional income at first.  In fact, I have had several part time data entry jobs over the years and I hated every single one of them and I can tell you why:

office is prison

One day I simply realised that office is basically a prison with air conditioning. If you think about it, it really is. And whoever is called your boss, really is a warden who keeps you well behaved and behind the office bars.

Think about it:

Can you leave whenever you want?No, you’re not your own boss now, are you? And your inmates wouldn’t like it either.

Can you even leave when you finished all your responsibilies? – The hell you can – you have to sit there like a puppet and pretend to be really busy until 5pm, wasting your valuable time to make someone else rich.

Can you plan your holiday as and when you like? – Yeah of course you can,… providing that your warden graciously agrees that you are allowed to have a time off like you are not an adult and you don’t have the right to decide about yourself!

Can you not show up one day? – Yeah right, life imprisonment without a chance for parole!

You can’t decide on the temperature in the office, you can’t decide on the music that you listen to (if any music at all), you can’t even decide when you eat your lunch! And you have to put up with all that bullshit with a smile!

I’m talking about office based jobs on my own example, but of course what I really mean is that all jobs where you work for someone else and have to obey someone else’s orders are prisons, office or factory or a shop or ANYWHERE

And the worst of it is that we often go through all that injustice and humiliation for no more than a minimum wage . When you add up al the total hours you have spent at your work place, you will be devastated on how severe this sentence really is. That’s what this website is about really – there IS a chance for early good behaviour parole if you’re patient and determined

Ever since we are born and usually up until we retire, we are someone’s prisoners. Someone always tells us what to do and what we are allowed or not. And I’m not talking about laws and regulations, I’m talking about your basic rights to decide where and when you go somewhere or do something. The fact is, most of us simply are not our own bosses and that sucks big time! Unemployment is a huge problem too. On one hand, you are a free person, on the other you can’t afford to pay your bills and always lacking money.

Anyway, there I was doing my time in my very own little prison and I realised that I am actually counting down time to 5pm and I simply can’t wait for the day to be over! Then I realised that every week I can’t wait for Friday either. And then it hit me – I am wishing my life away! I don’t wanna live like this. I’ve decided to do something about it. I was doing the time without actually having done the crime.

I’ve always dreamt about a computer based home job , a way to make money online without having to get up early in the morning and rush to my own private hell.  For months I had been researching for legit ways to earn from home with just an internet access and pc needed.

I have checked lots of reviews and watched a lot of youtube material on how to avoid scams online that will just waste my time and give me false hope of freedom. I have experienced quite a lot of scams like that in the past so I was a bit sceptical. But I was really determined as well.

So finally, after long research, I have found and tested these awesome and genuine ways to make money online and I want to share them with you. All of them are personally checked by me and thousands of other happy people.

They will change your life forever, whether you are unemployed (so a free person with no money) or employed (a person with some money but jailed until they’re 67 without the chance to enjoy your life)

I know there are so many scams online and I have tried my share of them too unfortunately. That’s why on my website I am only focusing on the good and legit stuff. That’s the reason I have only posted positive reviews here.

Please read all three sections with reviews on top of this website with legit ways to make money online for everyone – Wealthy AffiliateProfit Accumulator and Neobux and find out how to break free from prison and break on through to the other side!

See you on the other side!